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Services & Pricing: Services


Whether you are looking for all over color, a dimensional look, or natural balayage, this is the perfect place to start!

Highlights & Balayage

Mini $85+
Partial $120+
Half $150+
Full $180+

Highlight/ Balayage Packages 

Includes Olaplex No. 1 & No. 2 Treatment, combo of highlights & balayage for maximum transformation, unlimited glosses for custom & creative color. 

Mini $170

Half $270

Full $350

Curly Color Packages

 The color service includes Olaplex No. 1 & No. 2 for extra protection while lightening your curls, keeping them strong! A combo of highlights & balayage for maximum color transformation. Unlimited glosses to create your perfect curly color. Followed by a Reset & Replenish Treatment for an ultra hydrating and conditioning reset after your color service. Hydrate & Define curl set to finish! 

Half $270

Full $350



All Over Color $125+

Root Re-Touch $105+
Gloss $75+

Color Consultation- $25



Hydrating, clarifying, or repair & strengthening! Which one is right for you?

Deep Conditioning (Moisture) $25
Olaplex Treatment (Strengthen & Repair) $55

Reset & Replenish (Clarifying) $55



In need of a trim, new shape, or style?

Curly Cut & Shaping + Hydrate & Define Curl Set $115



Are you wanting to dive into the natural hair world or brush up on your haircare knowledge? Do you want to learn everything you need to know for your curls to thrive? This is the service for you!
Curl Care Education + The Curly Works 

What to expect:
-Receive an in depth hair analysis to discover your hair porosity, true texture, and current hydration level
-Learn a hair regimen fit for your specific hair needs
-Learn proper cleansing & conditioning techniques
-Learn how to style your hair with a Hydrate & Define Curl Set
-Learn product knowledge & be taught how to use them
-Curly Cut & Shaping 
-Deep Moisture Treatment
-Curly Styling

You will leave full of knowledge and feel confident on how to take care of & style your hair at home each week! All your questions will be answered & solutions will be given for any areas of concern. You will have the perfect foundation for embracing your natural hair with a simple and effective at home care regimen.

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