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1. For New Clients- How To Arrive:

•Free of matting/locs

•No raw ingredients (raw oil, raw butters) 

•No finger coil, please come untwisted

This allows me to learn about your hair, current regimen, and see how I can help based on your hair needs & goals.

New Clients coming in for their Curl Care Education service are expected to do the 30 Day Hair Detox in my New Client Guide IF they use raw ingredients in their hair care.

 Link to download:

If you don’t use raw ingredients in your hair care simply use a moisture shampoo and conditioner weekly leading up to your appointment.

2. Are you suffering from heat damage, chemical damage, or starting from a point of dehydration? I’d love to support you on your journey! Please keep in mind a Hydrate & Define Curl Set will only be successful on hair that is not transitioning and the style results will vary based on how dehydrated your hair is on session one at the beginning of your hair journey. I do not offer silk press, or twist styles. I will blow out your hair to see each end to cut if you are not a candidate for a curly cut.

3. If you arrive with hair that is matted or has started to loc, or hair that’s in finger coils a reschedule of my Curl Revival service will need to be booked in order to move forward. Detangling locs or matted hair takes extreme care and time and can not be done in my normal 2 hour curl care appointments. 

4. New Clients desiring Color requires in person consultation during your Curl Care Education Appointment. This means I only do color on existing clients. During your first appointment I will preform a health check in on your hair to see if you are a candidate for color. I do not color over dehydrated hair, chemical, mechanical, or heat damage. 

5. Pricing is listed under my Services page. I do not offer Friends/Family/Referral discounts. 

6. If you are booking an appointment and are coming out of a “protective style” Curl Revival is the ONLY service that can be booked. If you book for a different service, arrive, and your protective style has been taken out but not cleansed, conditioned, and detangled in the last two weeks you will have to reschedule for Curl Revival for the next available day. Coming out of these styles leaves hair dehydrated, often matted, and needing way more time and treatments than my Curly Works service can offer in 2 hours. 

7. I use Scan To Pay to collect payment at the end of your service. The card that you would like to pay with needs to be connected to one of the following (Venmo, Cash App, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, Zelle) $CassidyWomack Cashapp @Cassidy-Womack-1 on Venmo

8. A $25 late fee will be charged if someone is later than 10 minutes, even with notice given. If I am not able to accommodate the appointment and we have to reschedule the late fee is still charged. 

9. New Clients required to pay a $25 non refundable deposit due at time of booking. That deposit will be deducted from the total amount the day of service. If an appointment is booked and deposit is not paid within 24 hours, appointment booking will be declined. $CassidyWomack Cashapp. @Cassidy-Womack-1 on Venmo. 

10. New Clients- New Client services are clearly listed on my booking site to chose from. If you have not visited the salon in 6months+ , please book a new client service again. 


Cancellation Policy

You can reschedule or cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment time. My reminder texts ensure you have the time to cancel if you need it.

Late Policy

If you are running late, please inform me. A 10 minute late policy is in place, anything passed that may result in a reschedule and a $25 late fee will be charged. 

No-Show Policy

Not showing up to your appointment without notice will result in an invoice being sent to you for 100% of the total service price. This must be paid before re-booking any service in the future.


New client or large ticket price services may require a deposit. If so, an invoice will be sent and the appointment will be confirmed once the invoice is paid. 

All deposits go toward the final cost of the appointment and are non-refundable. 

Service Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my highest priority. If you are not satisfied, you have 24 hours after your appointment to inform me. Any needed corrections will be taken care of at the earliest convenience. 

Right to Refuse Service 

I, Cassidy Womack, have the right to refuse service to any person or cancel an appointment prior to day of appointment if I see fit as a salon owner. This refusal of service or cancellation of appointment includes new and existing clients through email or in person. Deposits are non refundable. 


All sales are final. No refunds for any service will be given. Refer back to Service Guarantee.

Appointment Info & Policies: Policies
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